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3 Reasons to Choose Sherwin Williams Paint

Sherwin Williams paint is one of the oldest industrial paint brands in the world, the brand having been in operation since 1866. While it is no longer the only paint brand on the market, it is certainly one with an old tradition and generations of practice. This industry leader conducts original research every year to improve the quality of its paint, and Sherwin-Williams innovations have helped to move the entire paint industry forward.

Sherwin Williams Paint is No Knockoff

When browsing a general commercial supplier, a customer will notice there are many brands. Some are well known while others are generic. The cheap brands might be just good enough to use, but many commercial painters understand the need for quality. Sherwin Williams is not a generic brand. It is a world renowned brand and the quality of its product has never deteriorated due to outsourcing or cheapening of the formula. Quality is essential to brand recognition, and this company refuses to fall behind to second-best status.

Sherwin Williams Paint has a Long History

The company was founded by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams way back in the 19th century. It has been in continuous operation and today is a global corporation with scientists who choose to work with this company their whole career. The original owners knew how to mix together a can of paint according to the best known ingredients of the day, and the formula has only been improved ever since. Generations of experience is one reason why every Sherwin Williams product is a winner.

Original Research is a Part of the Business

Generic paint producers simply copy the ingredients discovered by innovators such as Sherwin Williams. They might be able to fabricate the complex polymers that cause modern paints to be elastic and waterproof, but there are still advantages to choosing the established names. The first is consistent quality. Generics might not last as long on the shelf, but a real paint brand will last longer and was not mixed in an unmonitored factory. Choosing brand names is also a great way to patronize the companies who actually innovate the modern world of exteriors.

CarePro Painting Inc. loves using Sherwin Williams Paints

It’s one thing to specify the correct brand of paint in Sherwin Williams, but it’s another to trust the application of this quality product to a trusted commercial painting company. A business needing a re-image or simply a refresh doesn’t have to look any further than the commercial painting staff at CarePro Painting Inc. Many chain stores demand a consistent color pattern and will only spec a particular paint brand.  CarePro Painting will always complete your National painting projects with only the specific products that our valued clients want. No substitutions will ever be used and there are no exceptions to this. Contact CarePro Painting today at 1-800-714-7186 or online at

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