Whether you are responsible for running a small or large commercial hotel, you understand how important the overall condition of the property is for the success and profitability of the business. You may regularly brainstorm different steps to take to boost your profits, but many hotel owners and managers overlook the importance of a fresh coat of paint in their venue. The fact is that your business can benefit in several key ways by investing in commercial hotel painting. Consider these points.


You may be aware that a fresh coat of paint can be used to “white wash” a building. Of course, white washing doesn’t necessarily have to involve white paint. Instead, a fresh coat of paint in any color can mask scratch and scuff marks, dirty handprints and other factors that could otherwise make your hotel look dingy, drab and unappealing. Painting can make a property looker fresher, cleaner and more appealing.


The hotel’s general ambiance can be established or improved with a new coat of paint. Vibrant colors in the hotel rooms, the lobby and other areas can make the hotel’s pictures look more appealing on the Internet and in marketing photos. This ultimately helps travelers make the decision to stay at your venue over other hotel options available to them. Because of this, painting can increase revenue.


While completely changing the color of the hotel paint can improve the ambiance, the fact is that you can also add fresh appeal to the space by simply repainting the space a shade or two darker or lighter. Lighter colors can make the space look larger and airier. Darker tones can create an improved sense of intimacy or coziness. If you don’t have plans to revamp the space entirely, new paint can breathe new life into the space.


Finally, a fresh coat of paint on the walls can also be one part of a remodeling effort. If you are thinking about replacing the carpeting, furnishings and more to enhance the style of the space, repainting the walls is imperative.

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