Visibility of your business is very important. You could potentially be missing the opportunity for new patrons because the curb appeal just isn’t what it used to be. CarePro Painting’s national commercial painting teams attention to quality and detail will make your business stand out from the rest. Our professional crews are efficient while working around your schedule and are aware of the need for zero downtime.

Quality materials

Using only the clients  high quality specified materials for the project, our national commercial painters will give you the satisfaction of knowing your business will look good for years to come. We have the proper skillset for whatever type of job you need, whether small or extremely large. Our workers are courteous, thoroughly trained, and are always in uniform while onsite.

The whole building

Our commercial painters perform all facets of interior and exterior painting. A new customer’s first impression of your business will be the exterior of your building, however the interior might create a lasting memory which gives you the chance for new and repeat business.

Looking clean

Your building is a direct reflection of your business itself. Keeping it clean with fresh paint will attract new customers giving them the feeling of quality and purchasing from a leading provider. This will gain you future business as they recommend your business to other associates.

Custom colors

Painting your building a custom color, from one to many, presents no problems for us. With our computerized color system, we can save all your color schemes for future touch-up or damage repair. Your color scheme will always stay the color you want it and with the products you specify. Also, CarePro Painting provides all of our clients a touch up kit for each project we complete. This is great to touch up high traffic areas while using the same products that were applied by us originally.

All the trimmings

Whether it’s on the interior or exterior, your trim work takes a beating. We make sure to prep and caulk all trim to prevent moisture issues and also to give the trim the neatest look available.

Beginning to the end

Our CarePro commercial painting teams do all the prep work, the main painting job, and also the cleanup. We are with the job from the start and stay with it until you are happy with the job we did. We wont accept anything less than your 100% satisfaction. In addition to paying strict attention to detail during the project,  we also walk each project with the manager on duty to make sure that all is completed according to the provided scope of work and answer any questions that the manager may have.  Contact us today for all of your national painting  needs. Coast to Coast, we coat them all.

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