9535844_sWhether it’s an interior or exterior project, typically all commercial units require a fresh coat of paint every five years. In the past, Construction or Facilities Managers had to rely on the Yellow Pages for finding a local company that could handle these projects. One of many typical problems with such a scenario is that many clients would find that the quality or consistency of the provided services would never meet their standards. Fortunately, these days are long gone! Nowadays, managers have the best option at hand: contacting a national, self-performing provider that will handle these projects regardless of their location. A company like CarePro Painting, Inc., based in Nashville, Tennessee, which prides itself on providing one contact point nationwide for chain clients and their painting needs.

As you are making your plans for this year and are wondering how you are going to get these projects completed while staying on budget, here are a few things to consider:

1. Make sure your painting company has all of the required general liability and workers compensation coverage

In life, it’s always smart to expect the unexpected. Your company has a general liability insurance and the painting company has to have one too. Also, accidents can and do happen. If an incident occurs on your premises, you want to make sure that your company can in no way be held responsible or face any sort of legal battles. Whatever problems arise, they need to be the painting company’s problems, not yours.

2. Make sure your painting company has experience painting your particular type of location

If you want to give a new face to your convenience stores, for example, make sure that the painting company has handled projects for this type of facility before. Don’t believe it when you are told that “painting is painting”. This is not grandma’s house. Every commercial painting project is different and all the aspects of a particular location need to be taken into consideration. Convenience store painting is far more complex than the standard retail location. Everything from constant patron vehicle traffic, petroleum on surfaces, and keeping the canopy islands open while painting are just a few of the differences. The average painting company is not knowledgeable of the challenges with painting convenience stores CarePro Painting, Inc. has years of experience painting convenience stores all across the US.

3. Request references within your industry

Has the painting company completed work in your area before? Contact people within your industry, find out and go see the work for yourself. Ask the other Facilities Manager(s) if they encountered any sort of problem, how the painting company dealt with their requests and if they would work with the company again. It’s very important to do this yourself! Companies will put testimonials on their website and will tell you about their past customers. Have a look at their portfolio, but also ask around! Better yet, look around! After all, this is about making your facilities look better. Image is everything. Additionally, ask your potential vendor for references and call them!

4. Don’t always just accept the lowest bid. There has to be a reason why its cheaper

Nobody has an unlimited budget. We know this and we know that price does matter. But choosing to go with the painting company that gives you the lowest estimate may not be the best course of action. You may end up paying more money later. Ask what products the company uses, ask if they offer a warranty, and ask about rebates on future projects. You have to predict how much it will cost in the long run. CarePro Painting, Inc. offers a limited one-year warranty on all projects and will provide a free touch-up kit with each project! No other company does this!

5. One point of contact, one invoice point for all projects nationwide

Managing the painting needs of a nationwide chain, be it convenience stores, retail stores, restaurants, or others, can give you unnecessary headaches. There is a big difference in house painting verses commercial painting! CarePro Painting, Inc. only completes commercial painting projects and focuses on providing these quality services directly to national chains. No matter how big the job, how many locations and where those locations are, CarePro Painting, Inc. offers you one point of contact and one invoice point. Which leads us to…

6. Consistency- We know how to make that happen

Consistency is of the utmost importance when it comes to the needs of national chains. We fully understand your branding needs, your global identity, your standards and your style. Our crew working on your facility in Wisconsin will end up with the same results as the crew that handles your project in Alabama. CarePro Painting, Inc. leaves nothing to chance. We hold online video conferences weekly with all crews and we have mandatory staff and crew training twice per month to ensure consistency. With this approach, way everyone working on all current and future projects are always in the loop and everything ties together nicely.

7. Communication is a must!

There’s nothing worse that having to provide updates to your superiors on a particular re-image project or projects and you can’t seem to get an update from your chosen vendor. Although this is a common thread for many contractors and painting vendors, this is totally unacceptable. A client should wake up each morning with an update waiting in his inbox. Whether it’s a large scale rollout or just a few locations in a particular market, this is the type of customer service and communication that CarePro Painting, Inc. provides to all of it’s national chain partners.

8. Professional, uniformed crews

Your image is as important to us as it is to you. To ensure the best services, each member of our crews is a professional painter. They are each equipped with the right tools and each have the expertise to complete a project meeting the highest standards. All CarePro Painting, Inc. painters wear a uniform, are polite and don’t leave a mess behind. Because we understand and work with the customer’s image, we value our own image as well. We believe, above all else, in leaving the customer 100% satisfied on every project.

9. Spec Adherence – No Substitutions!

There should be no surprises when it comes to the look of your business. Your scope of work and your provided specifications should be followed to the letter and all your needs should be met. “We couldn’t find crimson, but burgundy is still red” is something you should never hear from a professional painter. Also, even though a project may call for a more expensive paint to be applied, no company should ever substitute a cheaper grade paint in order to save a few dollars. Believe it or not, this happens every day. There are no substitutions for your colors or your paint quality and CarePro Painting, Inc. will never substitute other products for the paint you specify.

At CarePro Painting, Inc. we know what you expect and deserve from a national painting vendor. We are a company founded on providing the very best quality and customer service available anywhere. Give us a call and experience the difference you’ve been seeking, in a national painting company CarePro Painting, Inc. (800) 714-7186 or visit our website at http://www.carepropainting.com

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